Were you disconnected from a chat?
Your connection may be unstable or you may have been idle for too long. You will see a green "Connect" button in the middle of your screen to re-connect to the space.

Pro Tip: If the place you are re-connecting to is crowded (more than 35 avatars), then you will be placed into a new instance. For info on instances, click here.

I was kicked out of the event
If you have been idle for more than 180 minutes, you may find yourself kicked from the event, but you can always re-enter the same way without any issues.

I got banned from an event
Admins and Moderators of events are able to kick or ban attendees from an event.
Please contact the event organizer.
If you think this was a mistake, please use our live support chat and we'll do our best to get this settled.

Common reasons for getting kicked or banned from an event:
Misconduct, bad behavior, or harassment.
Not muting your mic in chat areas when someone else is talking.
Being AFK (Away from Keyboard) or idle and not talking/moving/interacting for an extended period of time.
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