New Look! New Features!
Check out these new features

The NEW Main Stage is a room similar to the Auditorium or Presentation Rooms, only BIGGER!
ALL attendees can use the text chat feature to ask questions.

New Main Stage Functionality & Limitations:
Accommodates 1000+ attendees (see instance rules below)
To learn about instances, visit the What are instances?" guide
Allows speakers to be visible and accessible to all attendees
Global text chat enables ALL attendees to make comments or ask questions
Speakers, presenters and all attendees can see the text chat across all instances

Limitations for the attendees include:
No voice or video (These are limited to designated SPEAKERS and MODERATORS only)
Instance "rules" apply: Attendees can only "see" and connect with 35 other attendees in their particular instance (see note above)
Camera POV has been disabled for attendees and speakers
Attendees can only view the main screen and see/hear the speakers
Speakers can only see out from the stage
Only speakers and Moderators can share their screens

The Tailgate is literally an outdoor parking lot and "play area" where attendees can:
Click on BBQs and grab burgers and hot-dogs
Click on coolers and grab drinks
Sit on tailgates and chairs and chill out
Carry a bird around- or it may sit on your head
Play Corn Hole (click on the Non-Player Character to start the game)
Play Mini Golf (click on the Non-Player Character to start the game)
Go Fishing

The IceBreaker Room is a great way to get attendees together so they can have meaningful, guided discussions using a fun space.
Customizable and changeable for up to 100 questions
Attendees can opt for "randomized" seating or choose their own seats (out of seven groups)
Some uses for the room:
Team building questions
Team problem-solving activities (Using custom, guided questions for specific tasks)
Meet & Greets for specific groups
Meet & Greets for new attendees
AMA (Ask Me Anything) areas with experts
An alternative to meeting in a Booth
Change of scenery
Change of pace
Creates a stress-free environment to mix different groups (using the randomized seating option)
Also included is a water cooler space for other discussions (without the question cards)

PRO TIP: The WELCOME LOBBY also includes one IceBreaker area
PRO TIP: Use the TELEPORT feature to quickly get from room to room

Check back periodically for more updates!
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