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What are instances?

Here's what you need to know about Instances

What are instances?

Instances occur when more than 35 avatars spawn into a room in the Inverse space.
EXAMPLE: Only 35 people can spawn into a room. Once the 36th user enters, a new instance is created. This means you're in a duplicate version (instance) of the room.

What do they mean to me as an attendee?
You can interact only with the avatars in your particular instance (using voice, video and text, emotes, high fives, games, add to contacts, etc.)
You can teleport to another instance at any time, as long as there is room (less than 35 avatars).
Instances become visible only when using the teleport function.
At this time there is no way to find other attendees in other instances. We recommend using another form of communication such as Discord to find others (we're working on that).
Private Chat is one work around the instancing limitations.


Private Chat

If you are in a private chat, you can have up to 50 people across multiple instances.
Private chat allows you to move around the space without losing contact and regardless of how many others are in the same area (room, exhibit, dance floor, etc)

The NEW Main Stage is a room similar to the Auditorium or Presentation Rooms

Main Stage Functionality & Limitations:

Accommodates 1000+ attendees in the same "instance"
Allows speakers and presenters to be visible and accessible to all attendees
Global text chat enables All attendees to make comments or ask questions
Speakers and presenters (as well as attendees) can see text chats across all instances

Limitations for the attendees include:
No voice or video (These are limited to designated SPEAKERS and MODERATORS only)
Instance "rules" as above apply: Only 35 attendees can "see" one another in each instance
Camera POV has been disabled for attendees and speakers
Attendees can only view the main screen and see/hear the speakers
Speakers can only see out from the stage
Only speakers and Moderators can share their screens

Note: Instances help accommodate more people. If you have played MMO RPG games, you'll see there are multiple servers, but everyone's playing the same game maps. It's similar to that!

Updated on: 07/09/2022

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