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Inverse UI: User Interface Tutorial

The Inverse user interface has changed a bit! Here's what you need to know:

Pro Tips:

Hover over the icons to see tool tips
Press the N key to toggle names on/off (especially good for taking crowded area screen shots:)
Using the Raise Hand feature (see below) allows Avatars to High five one another- just for fun
You will only "see" 35 avatars in an "instance".
To learn more about instances, click FAQs about instances including the new Main Stage
For a better experience, use FULL SCREEN: Hit F11 on Windows or CTRL + Command + F on a MAC

For more info, visit the What's New? link below!

Upper Left Controls

Icons below represent Attendees, Announcements and Options

Under the OPTIONS icon you'll find functions including: Customize your avatar, Settings, Troubleshooting & help, Chat with support and Leave Metaverse

Under SETTINGS icon use the Volume settings to also mute the music, the Movement controls to switch to WASD (and use the space bar to jump), check your Device settings and Graphics settings

The Moderator (Crown) icon on the right is visible only to Admins and Moderators

Bottom Left & Center Controls

The Text Chat icon has been moved to the bottom left of your screen. Simply start typing and hit Enter.
The center panel icons are Microphone, Video Camera, Screen Share, Emote and Raise Hand

Find out more at the What's New? FAQ page

New Presentation Room accommodating 1000+ attendees! COMING SOOOOOON!

Updated on: 07/09/2022

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