What kind of customizations are possible in Inverse?
Hoodies / Sweatshirts
A-frame displays
Drinks / Food
Avatar Skins
Themes (Entire World or Event)
,,, Tell us your ideas and let's chat!

How do I request customizations?
Custom avatar skins, accessories, and more are created by our dedicated art and platform team where they design, rig (map out movements and functionality) and test with the team before launching for use in events. See the Custom Request Form.

Are customizations free?
Customizations are a paid service and pricing varies depending on design time and the lead time given before the item, or items are needed. Once a customization is created, a code will be provided to you. You may provide custom designs to attendees during events in Inverse for free or for a price.

Psst! The Inverse team has plans to create a marketplace for you to obtain a variety of new, unique and exclusive avatar upgrades! Stay tuned!

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