You can use chrome browser extensions to take screenshots and video clips of your event

|Event View and Display Tips

Click on the Settings icon on the left to switch to WASD movement which allows you to press SPACEBAR to make your avatar jump!
Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in/out
Press the N key to toggle on/off names

Screen-capture shortcut keys

For Windows users, press the PRT SC / PRINT SCREEN button on the top left of your keyboard to capture your screen. This will automatically copy your entire screen(s) into your clipboard. You can paste it into most social media by pressing CTRL + V to paste it into the post box where you would normally compose a post. You can edit the image on other software by pressing CTRL + V to paste it into programs like Microsoft Paint to edit (crop, resize, mark).
For Windows users, you can also press WINDOWS + SHIFT + S to grey out your screen and then LEFT CLICK and DRAG to capture a portion of your screen. Read more here directly from Microsoft Support.
For Mac users, press and hold SHIFT + COMMAND + 3. You will see a thumbnail pop-up in the corner of your screen where you can click to edit it. If you wait, the screenshot will save to your desktop. Read more here directly from Apple Support.

Screen-Recording Software
You can use programs that help you capture your screen.

OBS Project

For Windows users, most computers come with the Snipping Tool. Read more here directly from Microsoft Support.

You can turn your images and videos into GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format).

Chrome Extensions
Awesome Screenshot
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