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How do I manage an existing booth?

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Make sure you are logged in

Go to your user Dashboard and Click the Exhibits tab (upper left of your screen)

Use the find function, or simply select your Exhibit. If there is a "Star" next to your exhibit, it means that you are already a Member and can edit/update the booth.
NOTE: If you need access to edit a booth, contact the Organizer or the booth's owner. You may also contact our Help Desk

To have a logo appear with your avatar in all events, click the Assign yourself to this exhibit button

Click on the Settings icon (see above) to view your booth and make edits. Follow the media specs to avoid issues when saving your work.

If you update an exhibit during an event, attendees who are already in the space will not see your changes unless they refresh their browser.
Let the Organizer know when the booth has been created- including the NAME of the booth, so that it can be added to the World or the event.
Your booth can be edited at any time. The important thing is to create it so it can be added to the space ahead of time.
We allow users to add video AND slide presentations to their booths.
ONLY Premium (large) booths DISPLAY BOTH video and slides. If you don't have a Premium booth and you have both video and slides, the DEFAULT will be to show the VIDEO.

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Updated on: 07/09/2022

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