How do I attend an event?
Check out the link below for a video tutorial.
Step 1: LOG IN
Click to go to to the Inverse Landing Page or visit

Inverse Landing page

Log in
Upper right of your screen:

Or below the "Home" tab on the left of your screen:

Add your email address and click “Continue with Email”

Follow the Magic Link instructions and check your email for verification

Step 2: Find your Inverse Event!

Browse Featured Worlds or Featured Events

Select the event

Click Register for Event

Opt IN or OUT to receive marketing communications.
NOTE: Opting OUT will NOT affect your ability to enter the space

Step 3: Proceed to event!

Sometimes a PASSWORD may be required if:
The space is PRIVATE
It is not yet open to the public (check the dates)
- Enter the password to Unlock the Event
- Contact the host for more information

Click the link below to see the video tutorial
How to Log in to INVERSE
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