Organizers and sponsors can allow members of their teams to access the booth setup pages.
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Being a Member also means that your avatar will display the logo associated with the particular booth in an event.
Members are able to make edits to the booth.

Go to your Home Dashboard (make sure you're logged in)
Click on "Exhibits" in the left column

Click the "Join Exhibit" button on the right of your screen

Enter the exhibit password, then click "Join Exhibit"
NOTE: This password must be provided by the booth creator

You will see a notification at the bottom of your screen that you have successfully joined the exhibit
NOTE: If you receive an error message it is most likely because you are already a member of this exhibit

To add your logo to your avatar in events, click the tab to Assign yourself to the exhibit
Note: You can remove the assignment at any time

Your assigned exhibit will appear with a "Star"

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