World Owners or event organizers will provide you with the link to create your booth.
See IMPORTANT links below for more information
You may have already created your booth
Before creating another booth, check with the Organizer or the Inverse Customer Support staff
Do NOT try to create another booth (you won't be able to "save" it)
To update your exhibit, check out our link below on to manage an existing booth
Contact Customer Support or the event organizer if in doubt

Your booth is an important marketing tool:
It provides valuable information about you/your company/your services to all attendees
The more information you give, the better exposure to attendees
Once created, your booth can be updated, modified, edited as necessary, any time, even during an event!
Once created, your booth can be placed in any events on the platform!
Attendees can BOOKMARK your booth for easy access during- and after- an event
If you do update an exhibit during the event, attendees who are already in the space and do not refresh, will not see your changes
As soon as you create your booth, you must let the Organizer know so that it can be added to the Event
If you change the name of your booth please let the Organizer know

Creating a virtual booth is easy.

Make sure you are logged in to Inverse

Create your organization using the invitation link provided by the Organizer
Follow the steps to add your organization profile, upload a logo, and add a couple of colors to brand your booth (for side wall and table colors). DO NOT USE WHITE.

Upload media
Let attendees know who you are with an introductory video and/or some slides. Your preview allows you to check that everything looks good!
Slides: The slideshow can be imported as a pdf or individual images. Please follow the media spec guidelines or you won't be able to save your files.
Video: Make sure your video under 100MB and has a file type of MP4.

Only "PREMIUM" booths will display both video AND slides. If you upload both but do not have a Premium booth , then video will be the default. Contact the event organizer to upgrade to a Premium booth- or remove the video to display the slides.
Add links and contact info (The first FOUR URLs will appear on the table inside your booth- however, ALL links will be visible in the Directory.
Share your website, social media links, and contact information to make it easy to connect and stay in touch with everyone you meet.
Notify the event organizer
As soon as you have created your booth, notify the event organizer- including the NAME of the booth. Your booth does not need to be complete for it to be added to the appropriate event(s).
If you need help or run into any issues, use the support chat in the bottom-right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

Check out the links below for more detailed information:
Basic Info About Booths
What is an Exhibit?
How do I create a booth?
How do I manage an existing booth? to update an existing exhibit
How do I add Members to my booth?
How do I Join an Exhibit or Booth? This allows your avatar to display your company logo in an event!
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