This is for organizers or sponsors to allow other members of their teams to access the booth setup page and to display their logos with their avatars in any event.
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Go to your Home Dashboard (make sure you're logged in)
Click on "Exhibits" in the left column

Select (or search for) your Exhibit

Click the "Settings" button

Select the Members tab at the bottom left

Invite others to join your exhibit
Click to copy the exhibit password
Send the password to your team Members who will then follow the steps to "Join Exhibit" or go to the "How do I join an exhibit & why is it important?" article

Check out the links below for more detailed information:
Basic Info About Booths
What is an Exhibit?
How do I create a booth?
How do I manage an existing booth? to update an existing exhibit
How do I add Members to my booth?
How do I Join an Exhibit or Booth? This allows your avatar to display your company logo in an event!
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