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How Do I Create a World and Run An Event?

Help, My Event Isn't Loading!
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How Do I Log In and Attend An Event?

Booths (aka Exhibits):
Booths are a great way to bring in Sponsors and other stakeholders:
They can help mitigate costs of hosting an event
Add an element of interest to your event
Provide activities that you can schedule into your event, such as AMAs, panel discussions, etc.
Provide a "draw" to bring in attendees
Offer giveaways and swag to attendees

For information on booths:
What is an Exhibit or Booth?
Basic Info about Booths
How do I create a Booth?
How do I manage an existing booth?

Adding members and allowing your team mates to "Join" your booth means their avatars will display your logo in the world or in any event
How do I add MEMBERS to my booth?
How do I join an Exhibit?
Note: Joining an exhibit allows your avatar to display your company logo within an event

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